The 10 Principles for Lasting Passion, Excitement, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Relationships are puzzles to some people and a minefield for others. If this describes you, or you are looking for the love of your life, this is your straightforward roadmap.

You’ll need to put in work and commitment, but the good news is that the 10 love principles that Kim Tran Nguyen writes about are values that will greatly enhance and enrich your love life. With this checklist of essentials that support lifelong love, you’ll move from distrust to trust, from unslaked desire to erotic passion, and from distance and fear to courage and vulnerability. You’ll communicate with authenticity, love with confidence, and receive with grace and gratitude.

Love is worth fighting for. If you want to move through past heartbreaks, revitalize a mediocre relationship or discover greater fulfillment in your relationship, this book will help you create the life of your dreams.

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About the Author

Kim Tran Nguyen, Love & Relationship Coach, believes in true love. She trusts in the power of love and has faith in lasting love. Her romantic journey started when she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Tom, at the age of 16. Kim doesn’t settle for a mediocre love life. During the last 20+ years with her devoted husband, they have discovered what it means to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually connect in order to reach the extraordinary level of intimacy that every healthy couple in love should experience together. 

Kim believes that the quality of her relationships makes a significant impact on the quality of her life. The close connection she has with her family, her children, and the deep intimate bond with her soulmate make life more meaningful and fulfilling. Having the blessing to love and to be loved, while taking care of her parents and children, and managing her home is THE greatest “work experience” of her life. There is no other opportunity that would have better prepared and shaped Kim into the passionate love coach that she is today. 

She creates lasting love in her marriage by faithfully practicing healthy communication and conflict resolution skills daily. In doing so, Kim is able to help intentional couples foster positive, lasting relationships and inspire them to consciously love to their fullest potential.

For more information email Kim at kim@lovingfearlessly.com.


The 10 Principles for Lasting Passion, Excitement, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Chapter 1 “Trust Will Set You Free”

Trust is having peace of mind that your relationship has loyalty, honesty, and integrity at all times.

Chapter 2 Patience Paves the Way to True Love

Patience is the virtue that allows you to forgive and persevere in the marriage, even through the rockiest times.

Chapter 3 Gratitude Showers You With Blessings

Gratitude is showing how thankful and appreciative you are to have your significant other in your life.

Chapter 4 Respect Fosters Harmony

Respect is having sincere admiration and true acceptance of your partner without unrealistic expectations.

Chapter 5 Affection Enriches Emotional Intimacy

Affection is having emotional intimacy in your relationship to show that you love and enjoy being close with your spouse.

Chapter 6 “Communication is More Than Just Words”

Communication is expressing how you are feeling and what you are thinking with a positive approach, attitude, and tone.

Chapter 7 Empathy is Walking in Your Lover’s Shoes

Empathy is the ability to have compassion and truly understand and feel what your partner is experiencing emotionally.

Chapter 8 Desire Creates Erotic Fulfillment

Desire is the strong physical attraction and sexual intimacy that keeps love and passion alive.

Chapter 9 Fun Promotes Joy and Laughter”

Fun is being playful and getting excited about being with each other, no matter what age you are.

Chapter 10 Vulnerability is Courage in Action

Vulnerability is being the real you and unafraid to be emotionally raw with your partner.


The 10 Principles for Lasting Passion, Excitement, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

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