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Kim Tran Nguyen, Love & Relationship Coach, believes in true love. She trusts in the power of love and has faith in lasting love. Her romantic journey started when she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Tom, at the age of 16. Kim doesn’t settle for a mediocre love life. During the last 20+ years with her devoted husband, they have discovered what it means to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually connect in order to reach the extraordinary level of intimacy that every healthy couple in love should experience together. 

Kim believes that the quality of her relationships makes a significant impact on the quality of her life. The close connection she has with her family, her children, and the deep intimate bond with her soulmate make life more meaningful and fulfilling. Having the blessing to love and to be loved, while taking care of her parents and children, and managing her home is THE greatest “work experience” of her life. There is no other opportunity that would have better prepared and shaped Kim into the passionate love coach that she is today. 

She creates lasting love in her marriage by faithfully practicing healthy communication and conflict resolution skills daily. In doing so, Kim is able to help intentional couples foster positive, lasting relationships and inspire them to consciously love to their fullest potential.

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The 10 Principles for Lasting Passion, Excitement, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

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